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§ Khaan Peen nu Bandri,Sota khaan nu Richh(Bear).


§ Kar punn kha ghasunn

- Khadha Peeta laahE da
  Baaki Ahmed ShahE da
 (Meaning :-Whatever you have eaten or drank is of some value, the rest will be looted by Ahmed Shah (Afghani raider))


- Khaane chole dhakaar badaama de (Meaning- Deserves Little but Show off is Huge)

- Kucchar kudi, pind tandhor

(The daughter is on his/her shoulder, but he she is crying out 'I've lost my daughter,  all over the village.)


-Kothe toN digg payi, vehre naal russ payi. (Meaning:-Blaming Others for own silly deed)

- Khodeya pahaad, nikklya chooha. (Meaning-Expectation was high ,but outcome is very minimal)


- Keedi nu thoothi v dariya hai . (Meaning:-The Value of something which is huge for you,although small for others)

- Kutta raaj bahaliye fer chakki chatte 


§ Khar Kharbooja Paasra ,Chauthi Kachi Baan ..Chaare Meeh na Mangde ...Bhaave Ujjad Jaaye Jahaan.

(Meaning:-(Can be Used for a Too Selfish Person ) When one cares only about himself,and gives dammn to other)



-Lakeer De Fakeer (Meaning:- Do Only and Always  what has been told  )

Sentence :-(Once a M.A passed Girl Proposed a guy for a marriage ,he denied because his mother told him to get married to atleast B.A pass girl ..ihnu kehnde ae Lakeer de Fakeer)


-Lallu Kare Kawaliyan Rabb Sidiyan Pawe (Meaning :- Foolish things Turning into Good )

Sentence :-(Ik Vaari Lallu de kuch dostan ne lallu nu phook te chada ditta ki college di sabh to sohni kudi nu Phul nahi Gobi da Phul den nu,Lallu gobi da phul le gya te kudi ne accept kar leya ,kyunki Gobi us kudi di fav si ...Isnu kehnde Lallu Kare Kawaliyan Rabb Sidhiyan Pawe)

§ Lalach buri blaa hai(Avarice is the root of all evils.)

§ Lohe de channe chabana(A hard nut to crack)

§ Lah dittee  loyi te kee Karega Koi. 

    Lah dittee (take off) loyi (a thin blanket, here it means modesty) kee (what) karaiga (will do) koi (some one else).

If a person looses his modesty then no one can restore his dignity.


҈     Muh mach gaya kaaliye mirche, jatt jatti nu dandiyaan kirche


Kasoor Kise hor da,gussa kise hor te (Get Pissed off with something ,but showing aggression to someone else who has no fault).

҈   Maa bhi rani, dhee bhi rani, kaun leavai khunu panni

 If mother and daughter think like a queen than who would work?.



҈   Maa ditti rai, dhee vasnon vi gayee.


Mother gave advise to her married daughter ,which went wrong and made situation worst

҈  Maa naaloan Dhee siyani-jide pakkay paave pani.
The daughter is wiser than mother-puts water into whatever's cooking

҈  Muchh phut Gabroo,Heek phut naar
  Seng phut baida,bakshe kartar

A young man who is just getting his moustache
A young girl just reaching her puberty
A male OX just getting his horns
Only God can save us from these three

҈   Muh kaala te neelay pair. (black face and blue feet)

҈   Munh na matha, jinn pahaRhoN latha


Idiom is used to address too ugly looking person

҈   Muh mein Ram Ram bagal main churi


A honey tongue, a heart of gall
҈   Majbooree Daa Naan Shukreeyaa.

"Other name of "being forced to do something" is thank you"
Usage->When somebody doesnot like to do anything but he is forced to do that, there is no way out
҈   Mooh to laahi loyi,ta ki karega koi


Go with No shame.

҈   Mann jeete jag jeet - ਮਨ ਜੀਤੈ ਜਗ ਜੀਤ


If you have won the heart ,you have won the world

-Na muuh  na  mathaa , Gin  pahadon  lathan

(Meaning-A person whose face and forehead are so ugly that it seems as if some ghost came down from mountains)

Idiom can be used as an insult of appearence

§ Neem hakeem khatra jaan(A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.)

§ Naach na jaane ,aangan teida Or phitey muh godian da.(A bad workman querrels with his tools.)

§ Nou(9) nagad na terah(13) udhaar.(A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

§ Nani khasm kare dohta chatti bhare

§ Oonth de muh bich jeera(A drop in the ocean.)



§Pet na payian rotiyan,sabhe galaan khotiyaan

§ Payas lage te khoo pattna

v Paraye sar te mukhian te beebo daidee shang. (Beebo takes the credit for somebody

else's doing.)


- Parayi aas, aayi na raas. (Idiom Meaning:-Expectation Leads to Disappointment)

§ ParaYi shaadi-ahmaq nache. (the idiot dances on somebody else's wedding)

§ Pahadi yar kiske khai piye khiske

§ Pappoo yar tang naan ker
Mr. Pappoo dont irritate me.
When your friend is joking with you or irritaite you. v Palley na dhela-te kardi mela mela.( doesn't have a penny
and yet wants to go to the fair)

§ Panee Hamesh Neevain Passay Chardaa aiy.
"Water first goes towards shallow parts')
(usage-> When some strong person gets angry on another strong person)

§ Pher kehdi maa nu masi kehna? (Used to tell people not to get themselves stuck in a difficult situation) as there'll
be no one around to help them out of it there.)


- Per Dho Dho Peene (Meaning:- Respect Someone Immensely,Kise Di Bahut Izzat Karni )